Hiking is an excellent way to clear the mind and let it wander in unexpected directions. Facts Haven encourages employees to take a step back while exploring the incredible mountains around Grenoble; just don't step back when posing for a selfie on the edge of a cliff.

We sorted pictures by dates and linked them to descriptions (in French) of the corresponding hike. If you'd like an English translation, just ask.

Pointe des Cerces

2018 was very hot and dry around Grenoble. Despite heavy snowfalls during the first months of the year, exceptionally high summer temperatures and severe drought left little water in the mountain lakes at the end of the year: by November end, Belledonne's Longet lake waterline was 10m below its weir.

Coming SOON

2019 pictures. In the meantime, pan and zoom in the view on the left (Rocher de Lorzier).