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In the meantime, here's a little known biblical fact from Metronomy ⅸ:ⅷ (King Louie version):

A few weeks after the great flood, Noah is checking on the animals. He's pleased to see all have diligently followed the Lord's wishes to multiply and populate the earth. However, he comes across a pair of snakes that have failed in their endeavors. Concerned, Noah prays to God. "O Lord, my heart is heavy. The snakes refuse to go forth and multiply."

"Very well," God replies. "Hew a large oak tree, cut it into slabs, and bind these slabs with vines. Add four legs to make a raised platform. Place the snakes thereon." Noah obeys the Lord's command. Once again he prays. "O Lord, I have done Thy bidding, but how will this help?"

"It is obvious," says God. "Even adders can multiply if they use a log table."